About Us

SpareTrack™ was launched based on its team's experience in managing, repairing, and performing logistics of telecom spare parts during the last 10 years. Its main value proposition is to empower and transform digitally the, until then, complex dynamics of SPMRL (Spare Parts Management, Repair, and Logistics), getting involved the diverse players in an integrated and integrable digital ecosystem, including the asset owner itself and its providers of asset recovery and supplying, and shipping services. SpareTrack™ aims to speed up external turnaround and lead times, in concern of SLA accomplishment, and internally, reducing the Mean Time to Recovery, through cutting-edge techniques, technologies, and paradigms, such as Cloud Native, Mobile First, RFID, Blockchain, and Machine Learning. We know that having a fine-grained, and real-time control of the process, better decisions are triggered, resulting in higher operational efficiency and lower OpEx.




The Ecosystem

According to Mr. Tomas Hladik, an effective Spare Parts Management (SPM) is based on the following eight rules:

1) Go for preventive maintenance;

2) Eliminate process problems;

3) Segment your spare parts portfolio;

4) Evaluate spare parts criticality;

5) Spare parts management starts with good forecasting;

6) Use special methods for intermittent demand items;

7) Consider the whole life cycle of your equipment;

8) Implement a good information system for spare parts and maintenance inventory management.


Tracked Parts


Hardware Models


Known Routes



The Platform

Inspired by modern Warehouse Management Systems, it integrates with legacy Network Management Systems to manage operational assets. SpareTrack™ acts as an Inventory Management System for all technological assets: in operation, spare, or in process of disposal, and is also integrable with country-specific public invoicing systems for dispatching processes automation when repairing, buying, selling, swapping, or scrapping.

Smart Tags allow logical movements based on the actors' permissions and transaction rules. These movements are committed to a private/permissioned Blockchain.

Software-as-a-Service, deployed on public* or private cloud, that allows asset owners to:

► Manage technological assets: installed, spare and in-process-of-disposal;

► Control logistics processes and interaction with shipping providers also in real-time;

► Manage RMA, SLA, fault reports, and interaction with repairers in real-time;

► Provide to its suppliers an API for integration with their legacy systems;

► Manage resales and auctions of demobilized, surplus, and scrapped assets;

► Automatically trigger RFQs for Part Numbers with minimum stock reached;

► Monitor indicators** through a dashboard, enabling a data-driven operation.

*Available regions in America, Europe, and Asia.

**Such as MTBF and Reparability Success Rate per Part Number.

Becoming a Beta Tester, you try our Software-as-a-Service for free for up to four months.

While you know our features and give us feedback, we work hard improving the platform to meet your needs.

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Tracking by

Asset journey tracking and committing in a permissioned ledger

Traceability by
Smart Tags

Powered by RFID and QR Coding technologies

Predictability by
Machine Learning

Hladik's 8th rule: SPM starts with good forecasting